About Us

Why we do it the way we do.


Our origin story is quickly told, but it has a formative background, which reflects the everyday problems.

In our professional career, we have repeatedly come to the point of commissioning external service partners in a wide variety of projects and processes. And surely you know this sentence among colleagues: “Do you know someone who……… and can you recommend them with a clear conscience?”.

But once you have received a contact from a colleague or the search on the Internet was successful at first glance, the challenge and uncertainty really start: contacting, matching the specifications, finding the next available appointment, the uncertainty whether the technician is the right one, waiting for the technician to arrive, etc.

We wanted to change this time-consuming and uncertain process, and so the cornerstone for our idea was then firmly planted in our minds in 2022. Driven by the insurmountable problem of finding quickly available service technicians for commissioning, maintenance and cleaning for parcel stations, our vision & mission for Contractor Superstar – eServSol was born.

Thus, we developed a universally open & smart platform with local and top qualified service partners. Equipped with an active and focused search function, for an unparalleled sense of convenience.

Never again long journeys, associated with long waiting times and high costs. Always know exactly where the contracted service partner is currently located with my project and all with centralized communication and documentation.


This is what Contractor Superstar – eServSol stands for – easy Service Solution